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From Concept to Delivery, we ensure the success of your mailing campaign. We are not a printing company, a design company, nor are we a mailing service - we are a Direct Marketing Company with a single-minded focus on achieving our clients’ direct marketing goals as efficiently as possible.

The Gaming industry is unique in that it is extremely rare that we have to pitch the strengths of direct mail or relationship marketing. If there is one industry that “gets it” it is the gaming industry. Virtually every casino we begin working with has a well established loyalty program already in place. The trick is making the dollars spent on these programs work harder and more effectively than ever before. Casino mailing programs are always extremely time sensitive and highly data-driven. If ever there were a time to select a vendor that can provide an extremely competent, turnkey solution, it’s for this industry. Why suffer through rounds and rounds of proofing when you can work with one vendor who not only understands direct mail marketing, but also all of the printing and postal requirements?

ZipTek Services has been producing direct mail campaigns for the gaming industry since 1998 and we are proud to say that 19 casinos call us their direct mail partner.